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Return Man 2 is the great version of Original Return Man is the 2nd sequel of then Return Man series.

surely Return Man 2 can be played easily at by simply following instructions given below.



You control the player and guide it by protecting him from opponents players to reach the touchdown point to score.

Return Man 2


Moreover In Return Man 2 unblocked, More importantly, the game has 15 stages to play with great fun.


certainly, Don’t miss to know more about American football.

First of all, use the keyboard arrow keys to move the player and for special moves use ASD keys.


In every level, you have to tackle the player of the opposite team and make the way to reach the touchdown(point-scoring area) place.


Tip :

keep running and don’t Near too much to opponents players otherwise, you will b caught.
stay close to your fellow players so that they can save you from opposing players and help you to reach then Goal point and clear the level.

you can also play return man 3 game also in following links.

Try Return Man 3

Don’t forget to play Return Man 3 Unblocked

Return Man 3 session

Above all, At the first level, you will be alone to tackle the zombies. As you reach next levels you will start to gain team members which will help you to teach at goal point by tackling with opponents.

Instructions :

Even more, Move to yellow circle for catching the ball. Be close with your Teammates to score and clear the level.


Further More the must try these special Moves.

  1. spin(using the A key)
  2. Speed burst (with S key)
  3. Front flip (with D key)


Web Browser (Flash)

the interesting part is the Return man 3 Flash is the web-based online games.which means you need not to download it into your computer so simply log in to our site and have fun online.

Developer :
The game is developed by MINI MONSTER MEDIA.

Controls :

  • IJKL or arrow keys to move
  • ASD to use special moves


For more instruction watch the video. Many times watching the video of some games increase the interest level.

Even more, for more information watch the video and Let’s have fun.


Return Man 2
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Return Man 2
Return Man 2 is the second series of Americal Football. You have to run with the ball and reach winning touchdown area to complete the level.
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