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Online Return Man 2 zombies:

The Return Man 2 zombies is another series of Return Man Game

Moreover, Return Man series comes with a cool American football Holloween theme.

Click “Let’s PLAY RETURN MAN 2: ZOMBIES”  and enable Flash to Play online.


Instead of running with the ball through humans as you do in Return man 3 you have to run and avoiding being eaten by zombies. There are 10 different stages, which has different stadium and characters.

Return Man 2 Zombies

At the first level, you will be alone to tackle the zombies. As you reach next levels you will start to gain team members which will help you to teach at goal point by tackling with opponents.

At the start of the game, the ball will through at you now you have to run and reach at the goal before you being caught. Don’t Forget to use special power as this
time you have the opponents zombies.

You can Also play Return Man 2, Return Man 3 full series also at

furthermore, don’t forget to collect special powers that are scattered on the ground.

The game is Developed by Mini Monster Media


  • I or up arrow to run forward.
  • K or down arrow to run backward.
  • J or left arrow to run left.
  • L to or right arrow run right.
  • ASD to use the special move.
Return Man 2 Zombies online play
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Return Man 2 Zombies online play
Return Man 2 Zombies online play is the previous part of the Return man Game series.
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