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  • Return Man 3 is the awesome game in which you catch the ball and run toward Goal point.
  • The great thing is You will have your three or more team members which will help you to reach Goal point.
  • The awesome part is the opposing team will try to stop you but you have to run and reach Goal point.



Tip: Remain close with your fellow team members so that opposing players will unable to catch you and your team members can save you from opponents.

The interesting thing is it is a very strategic game along with fun.

Return Man 3 the season

It is another series of Return Man in which you can Play whole season instead of single match.



Return Man 3 unblocked is another series of the game in which you can play this game without any stage lock.

once you start playing this game you will play it on regular basis. The game has HD will make you addictive. You have to use Mental power to play it.

it’s fun, strategic and simply awesome.

Return Man 3


  • 15 Stages to unlock.
  • Special moves such as Juke, Ankle Breaker, Front, Flip, Unlockable blockers.

Game is developed by MiniMonsterMedia.


Most important is to catch the ball and run to the yellow circle. with help of team members block then defenders and reach to the end zone.

Game controls (can change in the game options):

  • IJKL or arrow keys to move
  • ASD to use a special move (after it is unlocked)

This game also can b played at return man 3 ESPN 

Return Man 3
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Return Man 3
Return Man 3 is a famous American football game this game, we have to take and run to the winning area by preventing the player from opponents.
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